My SpecGen version 6

SpecGen is a specification documentation generator (written in Python) for Semantic Web ontology documentation generation assistance. I like to announce my modified, extended and more generalized version of Danbri‘s SpecGen* version 5 (written in Python). My SpecGen version 6 is able to generate a XHTML+RDFa ontology specification with common concepts and properties based on OWL, RDFS and RDF, and parse these statements into a template of the ontology documentation.
Besides a new parameter for an input ontology file, I modified and extended especially the with the following modeling features (i.e. read these features out of the ontology file and generate appropriate XHTML+RDFa):

  • multiple property and class types
  • muttiple restrictions modelling
  • rdfs:label, rdfs:comment
  • classes and properties from other namespaces
  • inverse properties (explicit and anonymous)
  • sub properties
  • union ranges and domains (appear only in the property descriptions, not on the class descriptions)
  • equivalent properties
  • simple individuals as optional feature

With this script I generated the following specifications:

Feel free to also modify and extend this script, because it is just the beginning of a nice XHTML+RDFa mapping for ontology specification in documentations. The following task are still TODO:

  • enable more OWL features, especially an automated construction of owl:Ontology (currently this must be done manually in the template)
  • enable more support for other namespaces (super classes and super properties from other namespaces already possible)
  • restructure the code !!!
  • write a cool parser for the “\n”‘s and “\t”‘s etc. in the parsed comments (e.g. “\n” to

PS: A zipped packaged of my SpecGen version 6, can be downloaded here. Please have a look at the README file and the introduction comments of

*) see SpecGen for the original SpecGen implementation and its versions.

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