2 Responses to The Play Back Ontology

  1. Nikolai Grigoriev says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the ontology! I have noticed two little problems, maybe you could spend some time fixing them?

    1. “This version” (both OWL and N3) links are dead. “Latest version” links are OK.

    2. I have noticed something odd in the OWL definition of this ontology: an inverse property without any RDF ID.

    is playlist item of

    Either I am missing something or this is wrong…At least Raptor ontology parser that I am using refuses to load it.


    • zazi0815 says:

      Hi Nikolai,

      thanks a lot for remarking the dead link. I hope that I’ll have some time in the near future to fix this PURL mapping. However, you would receive the same version of the ontology from there 😉

      re. 2.) this is an anonymous property and a common ontology design pattern for modelling inverse properties to do not confuse the audience with too many properties (cf., e.g., When should I use explicit/anonymous defined inverse properties?). However, I’m wondering why Raptor cannot deal with them, because I always utilised Raptor to create the Turtle version from the RDF/XML version of the ontology (in the past).



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