2 Responses to Semantic Federation of Music and Music-Related Information for Establishing a Personal Music Knowledge Base

  1. Augustin says:

    Very interesting. I kind of have the same dream.

    But my most recent conclusions were that the best recommendation system in Music is human aggregation (like Musicplayr.com). Because Music is so personal, no algorithm can predict what one will enjoy or not. First because an algorithm can’t tell whether it is good quality music or pure commercial crap.

    But I haven’t read your thesis yet.

    And concerning the htmling of you thesis, I don’t think you should use automatic latex converter, but make it plain html as a whole.


    • zazi0815 says:

      Hi Augustin,

      thanks a lot for your comment. You are absolutely right, human recommendations are still by far more qualitative than the majority of algorithm based ones (see also ex.fm or thisismyjam.com). However, companies such as echonest are trying their best to compete with human recommendations.


      PS: re. the latex to html converting – I tried it several times with various tools in this area – without any success so far. building a html page manually would be very time intensive (especially, when trying to keep all the interlinking … 😉 )

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